Antes de Chernobyl

Quando vi este filme, antes mesmo de CHERNOBYL,
fiquei horrorizada, porém a realidade é bem mais negra.

The Day After
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The Day After

Directed by
Nicholas Meyer
Produced by
Robert PapazianStephanie Austin
Written by
Edward Hume
Jason RobardsJoBeth WilliamsSteve GuttenbergJohn CullumJohn Lithgow
Music by
David RaksinVirgil Thomson
Gayne Rescher
Editing by
William Paul DornischRobert Florio
Distributed by
ABC/Producers Sales Organization
November 20, 1983
Running time
126 min.
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The Day After is an American TV-movie aired in 1983 on the ABC network. The film presented a theoretical situation which led to nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union, and its consequences as felt by residents of Lawrence, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. The film was written by Edward Hume and directed by Nicholas Meyer.

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